September 28, 2009

What Inspires You?

Okay gals, a simple question for you, just to get our creative juices flowing.

What is it about Paper Pals that inspires you? When you get to the store, what gets you feeling creative?

For me: it's the experience. I walk in the door and smell the smell that is so distinctly Paper Pals (is it paper goods? air freshener? fumes from ink/glue???), listen to the music (much of it is similar to my favorites on my playlists) and I just browse. Look look look.

I always leave feeling refreshed and inspired to create.

How about you?
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1 comment:

Karen said...

Ok...warm fuzzies all over! OOPS! Was that TMI!? Thank you Angela for this thread and thank you for always being so involved with the DT blog and willing to help out! We have been so busy and you gals on the DT have been such a life saver for Shawna and I!

YOU gals are so creative and inspire not only us but ALL of our customers! Thanks so much!