December 14, 2012

Seen and Noted by Pebbles

Okay, peeps. Pullman has been a dreary gray recently. In a funk from it? Then check out Paper Pals' new lines of paper, including this bright and cheery line called "Seen and Noted" by Pebbles.

I had forgotten how much I love Pebbles papers. And this line had unique and fun MASKING TAPE and LABEL MAKER stickers as well as fun preprinted cards that fit well into the same Photo Freedom sleeves that Anita mentioned in her last post.

Here are a couple of quick layouts I made with family fun photos. Somehow, the photos you just can't quite make work in "traditional" scrap layouts go together easily in these photo sleeve pages.

Seriously. Are these patterns and colors not just the cheeriest thing you've seen recently? Placing a few elements on the outside of the sleeves mix up the design and help you break out of the box of pockets, too.

I also had to create a traditional layout and several cards with this line of paper.

Love love love it! What do you like about it?
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December 11, 2012

Scrapbooking made VERY easy....really, VERY easy! Photo Freedom and O'Flip products

Many of you read my post on this blog about two months ago in which I detailed my process for organizing photos and making time for scrapbooking even when I am busy.  I encouraged YOU, dear reader, to take the first step to getting your photos pulled together and in a place (physically) so you can share them with others.
With that re-cap in mind, I offer the VERY simple photo projects I completed for my recent Paper Pals Design Team assignment.
Stacy Julian (of Big Picture classes and formerly of Simple Scrapbooks) inspired the development of a line of great new products by Echo Park Paper Co. to help spread her Photo Freedom philosopy and help simplify the creative process.  In my opinion, this new line and others like it that Karen carries in the store, will help you "get it done". You can view the entire line here: .  Karen will also be stocking more of this type of product (slide in photos and elements as well as the unique page protectors) in the coming weeks!
I grabbed 5 photos from AWANA and 3 "goofy" photos of Harrison (trust me, there are many many more) and assembled these two pages in about 15 minutes.  Not even can do this!


The second project I created involved took about an hour.  The “o’flip” album is ingenious in its simplicity – it is postbound, an acrylic cover with strips of adhesive in the binding that can then be attached to either 4×6 photos or 4×6 cardstock elements to create the album’s pages. The “o’flip” will be a new way to create 4×6 mini-books. It’s available in either 25 pages or 53 pages.  It is perfect for photo a week albums with one page for a cover, brag books for Moms and Grandmoms, or any other small project!

One of my favorite groups of students of all time became the focus of this quick and easy project.  I gathered the scraps and remnants of some old (yet still a favorite) KI Memories paper, and away I went!

Yes, it is December 11.  You might think you don't have time to create a brag book for someone on your Christmas list.  I double-dog dare you to do it anyway! You will be glad you did!

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December 3, 2012

Photo Ornaments Made Easy

Once again I'm using my favorite scrapbook tool, Spellbinders Nestabilities. I never get tired of them. This time I created some fun photo ornaments that will go to my family members.

For this first ornament I created the photo designs in Photoshop and printed them out on cardstock. Then I used the Spellbinders Nestablity called Label 18 to cut out the images and two shapes from chipboard.

After cutting everthing out I glued one image to each chipboard shape, then placed one end of each piece of ribbon and the chord for the loop on the back side of one of them then glued the two sides together.

After they were glued together I covered them with mod podge to seal everything and waited for it to dry, then tied the ribbon into a bow and punched the hole in the bottom for the hanging bead.

This one is for my sister. I used the two largest sizes of Nestabilities dies in the "Labels 8" set. One for the chipboard and patterned paper, and one for the picture.

On the backside I used the smallest die from the set for the pictures of my niece and nephew.

This one is my mom when she was a child. I used the "Labels 1" Nestabilities set for it.

Having two pieces of cardstock makes these nice and thick and durable. They don't bend at all. I plan to make a whole set with my grandparents' and great grandparents' old photos for my own tree.  They really are pretty simple. If you're having a hard time coming up with something unique these are just the ticket and don't cost much at all to make, but I guarantee they will be a hit!
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November 29, 2012

Scrapping for Christmas...

The gifts that I love to give at Christmas are things that I have made. I always promise myself that I'm going to start early and give myself plenty of pressure!  Well, that never happens, but I've been having so much fun going to the store with friends and working in the lab on my projects!! Here are three that I'm working on for this Christmas.

Even the simplest scrapbook is received with such excitement, so I decided I have to make some scrapbooks this year! I have boxes, and tubs, and drawers, and piles of pictures sitting around that I have taken of my grandchildren....I think all scrapbookers are the same!  And, with my very favorite pictures, I not only get a 4X6 developed, but usually a 5X7 as well! :0) 

This year I decided to make a scrapbook for each of my children's families using these "precious" 5X7 pictures...they would be enjoyed SO much more in a scrapbook than they are just sitting in my scrapbook room.  So, I am using 8X8 We R Memory Keeper albums, lots of cardstock and printed papers and quotes that I have printed off with the computer.  They are turning out great, and I know that they will be loved.  I didn't worry about chronological order, I just took the pictures I love and made simple layouts!!

Another gift I am making this year is bookmarks.  I cut 2 1/2 X 7 cardstock rectangles, punched 2X2 pictures, and adhered the pictures to the cardstock.  To make then sturdy I took them to Kinkos (Fed Ex) and laminated them.  They turned out great!!
And, my last "favorite" gift that I make every year are pocket calendars.  I just buy the little calendars at the office supply store and then alter the covers with printed papers, and stickers.  They are so easy and fun to make, and I couldn't live without mine! :0)

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November 20, 2012

Bo Bunny Serenade Line

 Bo Bunny is turning out some gorgeous designs! I was given the Bo Bunny Serenade line to work with last month and I loved it from the moment I laid my hot little hands on it! The colors are so rich and vibrant. I had a hundred ideas running through my head for what I could do with this paper, stickers, and buttons.

I really liked the cutouts sheet with predesigned journaling boxes and phrases. That made it really easy on these layouts. I cut one of the journaling boxes in half and was able to use it on two layouts. I also loved the buttons!

This layout is an 8x8 I created to put in my mom's album. I make her 5-6 layouts each holiday. It really cuts out the hassle of trying to figure out what to get her. She loves new pages for her album more than anything I could ever buy her at the store.

I used the sticker sheet on both of these cards, as well as more of the Bo Bunny buttons!

I made these gift containers from a repurposed soup can (spaghetti if you're wondering) and a plastic drink container. This is my plan for my coworkers' and teacher Christmas gifts this year. Some will be filled with peanut butter popcorn and others with corner bookmarks, like the ones shown in this picture. The bookmarks are a great project to use up all those small scraps of paper we always have leftover, and they're super easy so it's a good project for the kids.
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November 19, 2012

Unique Holiday Photos

Each year after Thanksgiving and Christmas I get a bit of the scrapbooking blahs. I have lost interest in scrapping my holiday photos.


Yep. I have lost new and interesting ideas to build pages with photos that look the same every year. Opening presents, photo of the tree... and they're not the highest quality shots because they're indoors using a flash. Blech.

So in order to avoid the "same ol', same ol'" in holiday photos, I came up with a plan for future holidays-- and here are two layouts to feature the photos I've taken.

New Thanksgiving plan: Take photos of each person with you that day holding a sign that they wrote saying what they are thankful for.

New Christmas plan: find something related to the holiday that everyone can wear and take a pic of each of them wearing it. Reindeer antlers, anyone?
So if there's any chance you too get bored with your holiday photos, mix it up! Come up with a creative way to commemorate your holidays through photos. And think quick! You've got an opportunity to jump on this idea this week!
Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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November 8, 2012

Bazzill Basics

I have long been a fan of Bazzill Basics cardstock.  In fact, that is how I found Paper Pals all those many years ago in a room at Gladdish. I had been to Phoenix and seen Bazzill in the scrapbook stores there, and I was looking for that same, quality cardstock in a store here. That was my first introduction to Paper Pals...I was thrilled to find a store right here that carried "Bazzill Basics" cardstock!! 

And, now, along comes this beautiful holiday collection of double-sided printed papers from Bazzill. It is beautiful paper and I was so happy when Karen asked me to scrapbook these papers for some Design Team samples.  As you would imagine, it's a "perfect" match with Bazzill cardstock, and the perfect paper to use with your Christmas pictures.  In the second layout I used one of the divided photo sleeves from We R Memory Keepers.

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October 22, 2012

Adornit "Sister" Line

Sister. This paper line theme has one obvious use... scrap about your sisters. I was able to use the line not quite so literally. I chose to scrap about my sorority sisters!

My sorority had a 100 year anniversary a year and a half ago. It was a wonderful celebration and truly worthy of scrapping.

The first layout is a Now and Then layout-- a pic of my sorority sister Aimee and I "back in the day" TWENTY years ago (oi, I'm old) and then one of the two of us "now" at the reunion. It is a great way to commemorate our sisterhood. Isn't Aimee just beautiful? I miss her a ton.

The papers are great. The "Sister Cut Apart" and "Sister Word Play" were great "title" papers to use with the alternate sides containing great patterns. My "GPB" letters are the fun chipboard letters at Paper Pals that I just covered with pattern paper. So cute!

This second layout has a simple cardstock base and flowers cut from the pattern paper as embellishments. I printed a photo collage to feature several photos from our reunion. So many great memories of these ladies. Go Gamma Phi and Go Vandals!

Last but not least, a card. My new favorite (and super simple) technique is to roll up the edges of flower petals to give it a little dimension. Looking forward to sending this card as a "just because" note to one of my sisters. That's a random act of kindness I need to do more often!

Do you have sisters you could "scrap" using this paper?
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October 7, 2012

Bazzil Basics Beachhouse

I love this paper from Paper pals,  It is beachy on one side and filled with all kinds of ocean-like images that make a wonderful eclectic background or embellishment  for photos. The other side of this paper is wonderful as well, Patterns that are versatile and fun. I loved how the patterns are so different and yet you can mix and match without it being to over-the-top matchy. Every pattern is lovely and they coordinate so well together. Delish! I loved scrapbooking my cherished summer photos with this multifaceted paper!

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September 9, 2012

Making Scrapbooking a Priority – Even When You Are Busy

We are all busy.  We spend time working, with our family, with friends, taking care of others (and ourselves hopefully), and we find it difficult to allocate time to our creative pursuits.  For me, recording the everyday life of my family through scrapbooking is really important, and in order to keep it as a priority, among my many other priorities, I have found a few “shortcuts” that really help!

Steven Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind”.  Scrapbooking begins with photos. In the age of digital photography, we all take bazillions of photos, but many of us struggle with the process of saving, organizing, editing, uploading and printing photos. Stacy Julian wrote a great book a few years back, Photo Freedom, and I love her concepts and ideas, but honestly, her process has many more steps than I have have time to manage.  So, here are four tips, steps, concepts, or big ideas to help you make scrapbooking a priority again!

First, if you don’t know about Picasa yet, you can learn more here: .  I have been a faithful Picasa user for about five years and while there are many ways to organize, edit, and access your photos, Picasa is a very easy program with great functionality that anyone can learn to use.

Second, although people dump photos onto their computer, and some even upload them to social media sites, many people infrequently print their photos.  You really should print your photos (a hard copy might be all you have if you experience a crash). In addition, it can be extraordinarily overwhelming and expensive to put off printing and then have hundreds (or thousands) of photos to print, organize and otherwise process. If you set aside time each month to organize, upload and print, trust me, you’ll feel much more on top of your photos than if you wait (i.e. procrastinate).

Because I use Picasa, I often save hours of time by using the collage feature. You can “gather” any number of photos in your “tray” in Picasa and create a photo collage, upload the collage(s) to (more about Costco photo printing coming up), and voilĂ  , you are half-way there. For example, I may take 20 photos at the park one day as I watch my teenager practice riding his unicycle.  I want to record these memories, but honestly, it would be silly to create a 4-page layout of him riding his unicycle on a random Friday afternoon. However, if I create a collage and print it as an 8 x 8 (my favorite size for collages), I can then pull together a really quick and easy layout using the latest and greatest from Paper Pals. Here is an example of using a photo collage on a layout.

In my opinion, Costco photo printing is the best in the area.  With 4 x 6 prints at 13 cents each, they are not necessarily the least expensive photo printing to be found.  However, the collage above is an 8 x 10 and with 13 photos in the collage, printing an 8 x 10 is more economical (in both photo printing cost and number of pages in my scrapbook). In addition, the Costco photo center has more options and capabilities than the other two online printers I’ve used (Shutterfly and Snapfish). As a bit of a photo printing snob, I also believe the overall quality of Costco photo printing is higher (color, finish, paper weight, etc.). While you’re at Costco picking up your photo collages (and other photos), be sure to toss a lasagna or pizza in your cart so when you get home dinner will “make itself” while you follow my next time saving tip. Of course, Costco will ship your photos too.

Third, pair your photos with paper soon after you have them in hand. Think about how fun it is to open up that envelope of photos and fondly peruse through them. Now think about how fun it is to stare down 50 envelopes of photos that aren’t sorted and essentially represent a huge project to you.  Whether you are sorting and pairing one envelope of photos or 50, this method has really saved me hours of time.  Sort the photos into piles representing the day, event, theme, etc.  I use small sticky notes to “paperclip” each small stack of photos and label them for the next step.

Now, take your new pile of photos to Paper Pals, and begin pairing each small stack with the latest and greatest paper, embellishments, and other accessories Karen has in stock (go to the store or visit the store blog often...she is always stocking new items).  Maybe you’re like me and you shop at Paper Pals frequently and therefore you purchase, stash and store products and you can do this pairing at home while your family is watching a movie that doesn’t require much thinking (like an animated “kid movie”). By pairing your photos and paper (like making yourself a “kit”) when you are excited about your photos, rather than months (or even years) later at a retreat or crop, you are always ready to scrapbook.  You can pull out one of your “kits” and get right to it, rather than sifting, sorting, and eventually giving up because you feel overwhelmed. 

Fourth, if you are “catching up” and scrapbooking hundreds of photos going back months and years, here is a suggestion that recently worked for me. Scrapbook the same holiday all at the same time.  Let me explain.

I was not able to scrapbook much for about 2 years while I finished my PhD.  When I finally had time again, I realized the only thing I had kept current on was sorting and printing photos.  My stash of everything was a mess, the photos had piled up, and I had not scrapbooked birthdays or holidays for more than 2 years.  I was overwhelmed!  So, I followed my steps (above), and paired all the Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Birthday photos with paper I had been purchasing at Paper Pals and keeping in my stash.  Then I started with Christmas.  I scrapbooked Christmas 2009, 2010, and 2011 all in one weekend.  I dug out all of my Christmas paper, embellishments, ribbon, and photos and by doing one year after another, I was able to ensure it didn’t look like I had scrapbooked all three years during the same weekend, and this process allowed me to be efficient with my time, supplies, page layouts, and photos.  I’m currently working on birthdays and have followed the same routine.  
Most of these layouts include photo collages.
In the photo collages (above and below), I cut the largest photo out 
of the collage and matted it to provide a focal point for the layout. 

 We all make time for what is important to us.  If scrapbooking the everyday life of your family is important to you, I hope my tips will help you get back to what you love!

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September 4, 2012

Bo Bunny "Apple Cider"

Bo Bunny's new fall line "Apple Cider" is packed full of incredible fall colors!  

I had so much fun doing scrapbook layouts and making cards with this beautiful double-sided cardstock and coordinating stickers.

Paper Pals has Bazzill cardstock that matches perfectly with this beautiful new Bo Bunny collection...all you need is some time to play and a little imagination!!
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August 21, 2012

Scrappin' Numbers

10 years! Can you believe Karen has been in business for 10 years! I think back to where I was on my scrapping journey 10 years ago... it was so different then. But I digress...

Back to the anniversary! Don't you think the anniversary deserves a scrapbook page?!? Actually, I can think of a lot of things in life that relate to numbers that are scrapworthy. Here's one of my favorite layouts I've made that also features the number 10:

(You can see a post with other 10/10/10 papercrafting I did for my daughter's golden birthday in this post.)
I've also found a couple of other recent projects by other scrappers that feature numbers.
13 things tha tmake you happy... great mini album! And this scrapper cut the chipboard herself to make the numbered book!
And this "life in numbers" layout by a designer with mad digi-skillz... wow.
What numbers can you use as your central theme on a scrap page?
If you need help with ideas of products to use, here are a few things available right now at Paper Pals to help you scrap by numbers.
Calendar "bingo card" pattern paper... an easy way to scrap numbers! Go by a date!

 Game pieces by Tim Holtz... mixed media deliciousness here...
 A funky set of stencil numbers-- with a border too!
 Athletic paper w/ scores... a game score that's worthy a scrap page? Anyone?
 And some lovely stamps with a variety of useful patterns/letters and of course, numbers...
Of course, my personal favorite... Thickers. Did you know they sell entire sets of numbers seperate from alphas? Wow.
What ideas do you have for scrapping numbers? Which of these products would you like to pick up at the store to get you started?
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