November 19, 2012

Unique Holiday Photos

Each year after Thanksgiving and Christmas I get a bit of the scrapbooking blahs. I have lost interest in scrapping my holiday photos.


Yep. I have lost new and interesting ideas to build pages with photos that look the same every year. Opening presents, photo of the tree... and they're not the highest quality shots because they're indoors using a flash. Blech.

So in order to avoid the "same ol', same ol'" in holiday photos, I came up with a plan for future holidays-- and here are two layouts to feature the photos I've taken.

New Thanksgiving plan: Take photos of each person with you that day holding a sign that they wrote saying what they are thankful for.

New Christmas plan: find something related to the holiday that everyone can wear and take a pic of each of them wearing it. Reindeer antlers, anyone?
So if there's any chance you too get bored with your holiday photos, mix it up! Come up with a creative way to commemorate your holidays through photos. And think quick! You've got an opportunity to jump on this idea this week!
Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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Amber said...

Great ideas Angela! I too get that less-than-excited feeling about holiday pictures. I'll have to give those a try!

Anita Cory said...

I am inspired! I love how we get to see the silly side of your family from behind the big red nose!