November 24, 2013

Goodbyes are never easy...

...I've lived in Pullman a little over 20 years.  While this is a lovely place to work, raise a family, and live, the part of life on the Palouse that is a huge drag is saying goodbye to dear friends.  With two universities here, people are constantly moving in and out either for more education, teaching, or administration.  I've learned to say, "have a great life" because honestly, our paths may never cross again. 

I stopped in to Paper Pals yesterday, Karen's last day in the store.  I didn't say goodbye.  I just wanted to say, thank you, best of luck, and "I'll see you around".  I'm sure I fumbled over my words a little, but thankfully others have so eloquently expressed their feelings and mine on this blog in recent weeks. 

Karen, you have meant the world to me and so many others. I'm sure I speak for others as well.  I'll miss you immensely, but look forward to the weekend retreats full of creativity and catching up with old friends. Thank you for inspiring me, challenging me, and trusting me to be a part of your team in a small way.  Thank you for sharing your dream, your talent, and your life with me and so many others. 

Until we meet again!

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November 4, 2013

Turnining Over a New Leaf...

As I learned that Paper Pals was closing its doors, it made me realize what a great impact the store has had on my life. I am surprised at the influence that one business (and fabulous business owner Karen) can have on me!

I've spent a little time looking back, and I discovered that almost exactly 6 years ago, Karen asked me to submit some items to apply for design team. She knew that I was "dabbling in digital", and she wanted to add a DT member who would work on hybrid layouts. (Karen has ALWAYS been on the cutting edge to make sure she was serving customers with the latest and greatest in the scrapping/crafting industry!) I remember how flattered I was to be chosen for the team. Here's my very first DT layout-- a hybrid page that featured a visit to the pumpkin patch:

Thanks to her and the other design team members, my confidence grew and so did my scrapping skills. I think I really hit my "mojo" in the Spring of 2010 when so many great things were happening in the scrapping industry and with my projects at Paper Pals. Here are a few of my favorite Design Team layouts from that phase of my scraplife:


And, time marched on... I started working and my kids got older and required lots of my free time outside of work. Scrapping was an occasional hobby versus a daily pleasure. But Karen still believed in me, and kept pushing exciting new products my way that inspired me to create once again. My work was more simplified, but was still meaningful and really therapeutic. Definitely cheaper than therapy! Here's a more recent layout that I love:
So, as another autumn comes to a close, it is a reminder that all good things come to an end. What an incredible 6 years I've had as a DT member at Paper Pals, and I will always have fond memories of this phase in my life. Thanks, Karen, for believing in me and encouraging me too. I can't wait to see what is to come for the future!

Thanks for the memories. :)
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