September 28, 2009

What inspires me at Paper Pals?

What doesn't?

First, as Karen and Shawna know, I relish being able to stop into the store on Friday afternoons while I'm waiting for our family's pizzas at Papa Murphys...this "stop in" is the perfect attitude adjustment after a long week at work.

Second, I love the light and the color(the sage walls) at Paper Pals. It is a bright, sunny place.

Third, I love that Karen and Shawna always find and stock the "latest and greatest" in the paper crafting industry!

I could keep going...but what about you?
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Karen said...

Thanks Anita for such a nice post! As I said below to Angela & gals ARE the best and inspire all of us to create and play with paper!


Heather said...

I feel the same way about PP--it's totally an instant attitude adjustment. I love how I can spend $3 on stickers and it can erase a totally bad day or frustrating afternoon. I love how it looks too--the bright pops of color and great music are like what I'd like to have in my home, but know that I can't with a messy baby and a husband who likes rock music on hand. I miss it! I haven't gone to any stores around where we have moved, but I doubt that any will be like PP (which makes me both happy and sad).