April 18, 2008

New My Mind's Eye

The new '29th Street Market' line from My Mind's Eye is really versatile and easy to use. I made a tough and manly "guy" layout highlighting areas that have changed since Dan and I got married 6 months ago. I made the photo mosaic using the free photo software, Picasa, available through Google.
This paper is also great for kids' layouts. My sister snapped some great pics of my little niece, Sandy, in all her cute, giggly chubbiness. We thought she looked like a round little lady bug. I couldn't decide what color to print the title on, so I printed it on a transparency and tried it on different colors until I liked what I saw. I also ran a line of stitching along the left side.

I recently read an article in Creating Keepsakes by Jennifer McGuire about using staples in creative ways and thought I'd give some of the techniques a shot in these cards. I really appreciated that these papers worked so well for so many different applications.
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Karen said...

Great techniques! Don't you just love Picasa? The photo mosaic is really fun. Thanks Shelle!!

lindsaysain said...

thanks for the tip on Picasa! liked your "signs of man" title...caveman-esque! from man to baby girl...these papers are versatile! thanks for sharing!

Martha said...

your signs of man page is great! Love all the pictures! I love how you showed how versatile the papers are! Your cards are cute!

Anita Cory said...

I love you showed us the same paper can be girly or very manly! Clever ideas, friend!