April 10, 2008

Music Challenge

I just created this page with this picture that I absolutely adore of Ry. She was being little miss sassy pants, but she looks totally innocent. I used the words to "I hope you Dance." I hope she does everything in life that she wants and I hope that she never sits in the shadow of someone else. I want her to Dance, to do things without reservation, to live everyday, just as she does right now at 3!
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Karen said...

I just love the lyrics to this song, and it is so appropriate for this layout and photo of Ry. So glad you wrote the lyrics in your own handwriting!

lindsaysain said...

i love these lyrics, too...of course i'm a total baby, so i tear up when i hear them! cute layout...the simplicity really brings your eye to the photo and to the importance of your message...:-)

Shelle and Dan said...

Perfect choice of paper for your "little miss sassy pants" (nice to hear another family uses that phrase) and the perfect choice of song.

Martha said...

I adore that picture! It's one to scrap over and over again!!! very fun page!!!