April 23, 2008

April: Karen Foster Design, "Time to Play"

simple as the design is, this lo took me FOREVER to figure out...i'm pretty happy with the result! some basic squares helped tone down the potential busy-ness of the patterned paper, the number of photos, and the journaling blocks. in the outdoor spirit of the photos, i added some sticks my boys and i gathered on a recent walk and used buttons for a hint of boyish floral. finished off with the painty smudges and some embroidery floss...very fun...isn't that little tongue poking out so stinkin' cute?!?!
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Martha said...

Love your little branch embellies!!! TOOO cool!!!

Aline said...

I love the way these pages turned out...I understand how long it can take to make a simple (looking) piece...I have that problem all of the time! Anyway, you were definitely successful!

London Tierney said...

I think this is one of my favs! really really cool. So free. you need to post stuff on scrap in style (SIS). its like two peas but with more people looking at the gallery!