April 7, 2008

Music Layout

The summer before my sister got married, she lived with me and worked in Pullman. We were both HUGE Pat Green fans and his music definitely was our summer soundtrack. Imagine our excitement when we were able to attend a free concert! I remember when I was scrapping this page and thinking how great it was that I would always remember how fun the show was, but now looking at it, it makes me remember my sister - before she became a wife and mother and was just my little sister who I loved to hang out with. It makes me remember and appreciate the summer we shared and it makes me really kind of miss her. I guess music (and music-related scrapbook pages) are more than just about words and melodies.
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Karen said...

Your words rang true to me! Whenever I here certain songs they bring back memories of a time, place or person. I love using lyrics and song titles on my pages, they really do connect us to our memories.

lindsaysain said...

hey, shelle! i feel like a dummy after my last comment b/c i didn't realize this was YOU!!! (from kit club, right?) anyway, i like your layout and DEFINITELY know what you're saying about music...i always have a pen/paper handy in the car b/c that's when i often hear lyrics that remind me of some memory or person. nice job, and sorry i didn't "recognize" you!!

AngMomof3 said...

Hey you... Isn't it crazy how life never stays the same? I'm trying to remember this as my siblings begin their family lives too and can see so many changes. Sometimes sad, mostly just good!

Nice page. You inspired me to look back at old albums and maybe re-do a page and journal the memories too.