April 23, 2008

April Project Challenge

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. All your pages are rockin this time around. Some of the new paper lines are killer! I love all the bright colors! I want to challenge all of you to make an altered canvas! Think of it as a layout in 3D! I had so much fun making this that I want to see what everyone else would come up with.

For this I used a transparency to print the photo on, with the natural canvas it created a look similar to a transfer. I tore a page from one of my favorite books and highlighted words that spoke to me. (if you really like a quote or story this is a cool way to preserve it) The hambly rub ons went on smooth, and i love how bright they are! I cut phrases from magazines that went with the mood and glued them on. it was a cool way to use some scraps and really get my hands dirty! So if you want a new challenge try canvas!

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Shelle and Dan said...

WOW! That's really all I can say. WOW! I love all the cool techniques and paint and words and rub-ons and everything. WOW!

Wendy said...

Love this...I like that idea of finding and highlighting the words that speak to you in a sea of text.

Love the Hambly stuff. You're selling it, baby! Every time I see you use some, I want some :)

Karen has asked me to alter a canvas as well! Mine'll be up soon.

Karen said...

Got to touch and feel this canvas in person the other day and it ROCKS! I love the colors and the journaling! Great job!!

Anita Cory said...

London you are truly an artist...I love what you've done here. I have some canvas at home...I'm inspired to try something very different and new!

lindsaysain said...

glad to see you back!!! very cool project...i love the contrast of the rub-ons against the blue. also love the book page...lots of fun ideas to try! inspiring, as always! ;-)

Martha said...

I sooo want to see this in real life!!! You do such cool work!