April 10, 2008

1st half of April Design Team, Sharon Ann Timeless Collection

I had an amazing time with this collection! I have been going through a rough time and this kit allowed me to think about my family and what is really importnat to me. The stickers allowed me to make tons of cards, a mini album, and the 12 x 12 layout. Very fun collection!
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Judy said...

Great cards and layout, Jen!! And, I LOVE the family picture...I love how the kids are just laughing and having a great time---paying no attention to the snow and cold!!! (Ah, to be a kid again and think that snow is great!)

Karen said...

Your family photo is so amazing in person - the computer does not do it justice. Thanks for sharing!!

lindsaysain said...

GREAT photo...brown and baby blue are such a great combination! nice job on all those cards!!