March 6, 2008

Hi everyone,
Taking my love of crafting, especially with paper and photos, has become a very regular part of the home decor at the Cory House. Here are a few examples:

Paper Topiary (pattern at using the Scenic Route Valentine's line. I made three last week and sent one to my Mom and Mother-in-Law.

An old basement window with framed photos. Made this last summer, thanks to my sister-in-law for the idea!

A berry wreath with mini-photos, ribbon, etc.

The old print tray filled with goodies that represent our family (note the #5 on the die, domino, playing card, etc.)

Thanks to Donna Downey's "Yes, It's a scrapbook: Home Decor book for the last two. )

These were all very simple projects! Enjoy!


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Karen said...

Anita I am so glad you posted your printer's tray. Shawna and I each have one and needed some inspiration on how to alter them with photos and stuff! Love your home decor projects! You Rock!!!

lindsaysain said...

Okay...i'm inspired, now. my home "decor" right now consists of toys, toys, sink full o' dishes, oh, and did i say toys? Very cool stuff!

Shawna said...

Love these Anita, thanks for sharing. I was wondering how the printers tray came out. I can;t wait to get started on mine.

-Aline said...

Aaaack! Love the topiary! It's so pretty...maybe I'll make one today...:)

Judy said...

LOVE all your projects!!! How to you manage with a full-time job and a busy family??? I have an empty window frame that I could do something like that with--thanks for the great idea!!

AngMomof3 said...

Very nice! I like to see some of your finished projects that I know you're working on but I never actually come see at your house... inspiring. Maybe I could venture off of 12x12 flat paper a little more frequently... :)
See ya!