March 1, 2008

DT Debut Party!

Front Row: Lindsay, Martha, Deb
Back Row: Jen, London, Anita, Aline
Not pictured: Leah & Judy
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Karen said...

I'm so excited that you all were so excited about the DT blog! Can't wait to see what you girls come up with!!

Martha Walpole said...

I had so much fun last night! I can't wait to get started!!!

Anita Cory said...

Karen and Shawna are the dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin (minus the tights). You two are my super heros and I'm so excited to get to be part of the Bat Cave:)

lindsaysain said...

Thanks, Karen and Shawna! I can't wait to connect with the other DT members and to have a place for everyone to share! This must have been a lot of work to put together...I appreciate it VERY much!