March 6, 2008

DT Kit 1 (3 bugs in a rug)

I am a little slow on this one. Been sick all week! Here's what I have done with the kit this week using 3 Bugs in a rug and coordinating card stock.

For non scrap supplies on this I used sticker backing, paint chip sample, and letters I cut out of a magazine ad for Eggo Waffles!

Also used some of the above mentioned items here, as well as labels from an old cassette tape (red/white), cardboard from my starbucks coffee sleeve and an office supply binder clip.
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Karen said...

You are the QUEEN of recylcing! Love the use of non-scrappin products. These are so fun!

lindsaysain said...

I LOVE YOU! love your paints, recycled bits, found treasures!!! You go, girl! love both of these!

Martha said...

London you have the coolest most fun style EVER!!!!

Love love love both of your pages!

Anita Cory said...

I love how you share everyday life moments on your is the little things that add up to be big things!

Judy said...

London....I LOVE these layouts...I tend to be so "organized" with my layouts, I need to let go and have some fun with it like you do!!! The result is fantastic!!