March 19, 2008

Cardstock Challenge + March kit part #1

Here is my layout for the cardstock only challenge! (and yes the stickers are also cardstock stickers) It was difficult but really fun, a good challenge for me since I am used to putting lots of stuff on the page. I liked the way it turned out! If you click on the picture you can read the journaling...the picture was in poor light...sorry!

and here is one of my March kit creations. The rest will be up soon! Can't wait to see everyone else's!
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lindsaysain said...

cool, London! are those your feet? i like the journaling on the first one...and the interesting cropping of the photo. the card is very cute...i have the HARDEST time with cards!

Judy said...

LOVE this layout, London...the journaling and the photo are perfect!!

Karen said...

I also want to know..."are those your feet?" Love the quote!

Can't wait to see more!