October 8, 2009


I was so inspired by Leah's use of this new Creative Imaginations "Zoe" baby paper that I just had to have some to "play" with!! We don't have a new baby in the family, but I have this picture of Kate (now 4 years old!!) and I thought it worked perfectly with the paper!! I totally scraplifted the idea of Leah's to put buttons on the tree!! This paper is just adorable, and it comes in the "Zack" version for baby boys!!

Thanks, Leah, for the inspiration!! (The thickness of the buttons caused the layout to scan a little funny, but you can get the idea!)
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Leah said...

So cute. I love how you used the journaling sticker. I didn't end up using that one but I tried.

Kaydub said...

I DO have a new baby in the family! The button tree is so going to happen!!

AngMomof3 said...

Judy, I love the way you use this pattern paper that is busy but one that you want people to see. It can be enjoyed in full but the photo still takes center stage. Fabulous!

Anita Cory said...

A button tree? So sweet...adorable and lovely. almost makes me want to have a baby...no wait...that feeling just passed :)