October 16, 2009

Halloween paper for Pine Derby races?

When I issued the challenge, I had an advantage...I made this layout a month or so ago. This layout combines a few of my "loves":
  • Scenic Route paper (this is last year's Halloween line). So sad they are going out of business.
  • Harrison (my youngest)
  • AWANA Grand Prix races (like Pine Derby races for Boy Scouts)

I adore the colors in this paper...using lime green should be "mandatory" for Halloween paper, don't you think? Sure, the other side of this paper has ghosts on it, but this side has stars, swirls, dots...all of which conveyed motion to me...perfect for racing pine derby cars!


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AngMomof3 said...

This layout is great! I love that you fit so many photos onto it and still tied in several fun patterned papers! I'd never have guessed those were halloween papers. Fab.

Pass the crack corn, please!

Leah said...

Love the arrow, love the paper, love all the pictures you used. Great job.