June 5, 2009

Use Your Stash Challenge

Whew--what a fun challenge! I really enjoyed getting to use a backlogged component of my stash (and make room for MORE!).

I took a place mat I purchased at Ikea a few months ago and turned it into wall decor, which is something I don't have much of. Or, I don't have much GOOD wall decor. It's a Solig place mat, and while you can't see it too closely in the photo, it's a thick, clear place mat with a green floral design. I loved them when I saw them, and loved them even more when I saw the price.

When Anita posted her challenge, I knew exactly what I was going to be using. The one item I have tons and tons of in my stash is ribbon. I'm not sure what it is about ribbon that I find so appealing, but I do know that it's really hard for me to leave Paper Pals without scouring the ribbon remnant jar in the pantry. I stapled my ribbon on to the place mat with some colored staples, figuring that would work better than using a ton of Glue Dots.

I've been holding on to the photos Brandon and I attempted to take of ourselves during our vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, but didn't have the right paper, or embellishments, or frame of mind to do anything with them. But, a little ribbon, a little paint, one awesome place mat and wham--it turned out well. The place mats come 4 to a pack, so I think I might do two more and do a grouping of some kind.
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AngMomof3 said...

I'm so jealous of the place mats. They are amazing. And don't seem to be place mats at all...

What a great way to use ribbon, too! I have to say you made a good choice on using some of your ribbon stash as I've witnessed your supply... wowza. :)(You should see MY stash!)

I love your approach on the "good, better, best" idea... it makes me smile!

Anita Cory said...

Great minds think alike...I have been wanting to use a "ton" of ribbon for a layout as well...goodness knows I have quite a stash of it!

Love this...the colors, the photos...it's great!

London Tierney said...

I love the weaving. reminds me of weaving construction paper in grade school! how clever are you?