June 22, 2009

Prized Product

There are several prized products I will swear by, but probably hands down I would have to say that Diamond glaze takes the cake.

Diamond glaze is a water based clear (non-yellowing) glaze. I apply it straight from the bottle, usually onto chipboard. You could use it on paper but its sometimes too heavy for the paper to hold. What I love is the easy clean up, because when I create I make a huge huge mess. It's like cleaning off Elmer's glue, peels right off your skin, and almost any surface or washes off with warm water!

I use Diamond glaze almost daily, they are the protective, shiny coating I put on my buttons. It makes them look like hard candy. I've tried every other glaze out there and this has proved to be the best! Hope you try it too!
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Heather said...

Can you layer Diamond Glaze to make a thicker coat? And is it waterproof? Does thinner paper warp when you are painting it on? I have a project in mind, and I think Diamond Glaze might be the solution.

london tierney said...

you can layer, usually give it about 30 minutes between coats but I like to make it pretty thick so it has a dome like dimension. Thinner paper will usually warp around the glaze because of the weight...