June 18, 2009

Prized Product: Stickles!

* photo courtesy of ginger blue/chel*

Hello, world! I'm Heather and I. Love. Stickles! I currently own 6 colors: pink, purple, orange, green, brown and red. I can use any of those colors on any given layout, and believe me, I do. A lot. Examples:

I like the dimension and texture it gives my layouts and cards, and plus, it's just pretty. In actuality, I could use any layout I've done since I've started scrapbooking and you would see Stickles. Or some sort of glitter. It's kind of embarassing. :-)
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AngMomof3 said...

Ah, my other favorite... Stickles! I do have to say, you ROCK that glitter glue, Heather!

london tierney said...

ha! I love love love stickles! I have been putting them on buttons! I have 20 colors...one day we lined them all up in color order...it made the day better. I'm weird like that! Anywho...I approve...they sooo rock!