May 5, 2009

Work in progress?

My family is packing up our belongings and moving. Down the road.

It seems like a big to-do for not a lot of...doing, you know? There is more satisfaction in packing up all your worldly belongings when you are moving, say, a thousand miles. Packing any and all worldly belongings to move a mile seems excessive.

But that isn't so much the point of this post. The point of this post is (another?) confession.

My name is Heather, and I have yet to finish a scrapbook.

I know (I know!!). But please hear me out.

I'm dutifully going through my lovely crafting lovelies, and of the (two) scrapbooks I've done--a Hawaii one and Birdy's baby book--neither are what I would consider a "finished product." Now, since Birdy is just 2 months over a year, I feel like I might have a reprieve with some sort of statute of limitations clause. Something like "thou hast 2 years to finish the scrapbook of the fruit of thy loins documenting their first twelvemonth." Or something. So I feel less guilty about that one.

But the Hawaii scrapbook? That one is all the worse because I thought it was done. And it definitely isn't. And we went nearly three years ago. I'm missing a few pages and some journaling. But the kicker is I thought I was done! I was so proud, and dare I say it: SMUG. I could point at that little book and say: "see, husband? See? I document our lives! We shall remember the trip forever because of my efforts! And take that, because I do finish craft projects."

Ugh. I guess I have a new project.

Thus, I ask you all: How many of you have legitimately, 100% finished a scrapbook?
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Deb said...

Hi heather, your comment makes it almost politically incorrect for people who do finish some projects to respond. what do they say?" ha ha. yes. I've finished projects?" Just kidding!But I love your confession nonetheless. Deep down you've got to know this is a struggle for all scrapbookers. My husband and I went to cancun one year nearly all expenses paid and it took me a little over 2 years to finish that one. It was documentation overkill. Now I do projects that are small. I do not journal all projects, sometimes I just pick a poem. sometimes I don't even embellish. I keep it simple and do-able. I only get carried away on single lay-outs. If I do a book or an album, I plan ahead to keep it in the do-able range. Then my big scrapbooks are just whatever lay-outs I did that season. Thats the theme. So when I'm done. It's done. Oh ya, that reminds me, I still have to journal my week-in-the-life-book I did a month ago...thanks for reminding me!love Deb.

AngMomof3 said...

I'm with Deb on the journaling thing... I'd have some books completed if I'd just write the journaling.

(Isn't that silly? We have photos to permanantly show the memories, but no words written from the brain that is not permanant...)

Anonymous said...


You definately have the creative touch. I remember your early creations from grade school that you did with Publisher. I felt sorry for the rest of the kids turning their home work in on hand written paper. The fishing pages are very professional looking. I sent them to some of the guys that go on the trip.

Good Job!

Your Dad