May 19, 2009

DT Challenge: Stamps

Remember how we were moving? Well we did, and we're settled-ish. But the cord to connect the camera to the computer vanished...hence the delay in my DT challenge post.
I used kraft paper because I love it, but it didn't highlight the stamps very well. I remember reading on Jennifer McGuire's web site that colored pencils really pop on kraft, so I used a couple different colors of pink to go over the "eva & me" and to highlight some of the letters stamped around the photo (which are hard to see on the photo...but trust me, they're there).

The large letter stamps are from KI Memories, and I can't find them online to get the specific fond name, but they are carried at Paper Pals. The letter wood stamp I also got at Paper Pals a while ago. The stars are from London's Etsy shop.
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AngMomof3 said...

Hey Heather... you and Eva are simply adorable! I love Kraft paper too. Thanks for the tip on using colored pencils.

That's too bad the photo doesn't show the stamping in the background very well. It sure looks cute in person (and I recommend you get a better photographer to take pics of your layouts.)

LOVE London's Etsy shop too.

Heather said...

I think the photographer is pretty great, and gracious (photo on the fly on a Friday night!), and resourceful. I should also start carrying my camera with me.

London Tierney said...

I LOVE kraft paper. I will have to try the colored pencil trick! The stars are? How do I not know this? Good work love, glad you are all settled in!

Karen said...

Wonderful simple and clean layout that really highlights this amazing photo!!!