May 12, 2009

Stamping challenge...

Ha...I may have posted a "stumper" of a challenge.
Whether you own stamps or not, you can stamp on layouts and cards! You can cut simple shapes out of potatos, foam core board, apply paint to a flower or leaf (yes...saw it in a magazine), or other objects like the end of a pencil, hands/fingers, feet/toes, etc.

I entered the paper crafting world through stamping, so I have a quite a few stamps and seem to collect them still (although I should use them more!). This layout came together really quickly with an alphabet set and 2 stamps from an arrow set. The background paper is Cosmo Cricket that Paper Pals sold some time ago. I "enhanced" the stamps with stickles to help them pop (have I mentioned that I love Stickles?).

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AngMomof3 said...

Thanks for the inspiration and ideas, Anita! And thanks for reminding me to get out of the "scrapbooking box" (duh!). Next time around I'll not get stuck on the traditional wood mounted or acrylic stamps!

Love the photos in the layout of HC. And they're perfectly tied together w/ the colors you used in the layout. Fantastic!

Heather said...

I have my layout...we just have to find the cord for the camera in the sea of boxes we are currently swimming in. Hopefully, they will be up tonight!

I love the alpha stamp you used--what is it?

Karen said...

Thanks Anita for the challenge update! I don't think you posted a stumper; I just think that we forget how versitale and easy stamping can be!

I know I have tons of stamps and forget to pull them out when I am scrappin' - they can be used to make custom accents over and over again!