June 9, 2008

New Sassafrass & Serendipity Lines

My friends know of my love for all things America. It all started many years ago, but the all-out commitment to it as my decor happened after 9-11. Imagine my delight when Shawna asked me to do something with the new Sassafrass paper and the felt cut-outs. This paper is so versatile: Independence Day, a special card for a friend, or a lovely background for just about anything you can imagine! The Doodlebug "loopy lou" stickers are one of my favorites right now...you'll see a lot of them in my "stuff".

Both layouts were inspired by Donna Downey's latest "layouts" book. That girl has got it going on...I truly am inspired by her!

At long last, my daughter was able to get her first American Girl doll...oh, what a day! The new papers by Serendipity couple gorgeous turquoise, red, gray and black for a striking combination. I love this paper!

Oh the things you can do with all the little leftovers. There are 6 cards shown here...I had some photography trouble...

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AngMomof3 said...

Love your stuff, friend! And those photos of Camryn are so great... too bad the joy was so short lived! :(

Shelle and Dan said...

The Americana paper looks like it was made just for you. Very cute!

Karen said...

Wow! I think you got it going on yourself! I just love your layouts, and am truly inspired by all the cards you gals make with your leftovers! I'm getting lots of great ideas!

London Tierney said...

I love how reflective this is of your personal style. there is a unique you-ness in everything you create!