June 12, 2008

New Carolee's Collection

I really liked working with this new paper from Carolee's Collection. The Tiny Baby Girl and Tiny Baby Boy lines are really cute and really versatile. For the girl page (featuring the bright smiling faces of my 6 adorable nieces) I got out my scissors and cut out some cute "patchwork" from the patterned paper. I also used some pink paint, sewed ric-rac down the left side and used a huge pink flower for embellishment. For the title I covered a chipboard number and painted some ordinary buttons to pair with the ribbon for added effect.

Recently I was spending too much time reading scrapbooking message boards. One interesting thread was about the differences between 'boy' pages and 'girl' pages. Some scrapbookers even said that they much prefer to scrapbook pages of their daughters because it was more fun to use pink and ribbons and bows and sparkles and such and that they thought the pages of their sons were boring because they felt they had to stick to "dull" colors and couldn't use "fun" embellishments. Had those particular scrappers been in front of me instead of my computer screen, I just might have gone off and slapped them all. But instead of getting mad and typing a regrettably irate message, I decided to actually do something about it. So I got out my paint and white-out pen and ribbons and buttons and cut and glued and painted and scrapped. Yes, I used ribbon on a 'boy' page and I don't think my 4 little nephews look any less rough-and-tumble. Okay, so that rant was a little long-winded, but the point is this; Don't not scrap your sons or daughters or pets or house or friends or parents or whatever because you don't like "that right way" of scrapping.
....whew....and don't forget the leftover scraps. I've been on a mini-book kick lately and had a great time making this little book with more pictures of my smiling nieces and nephews. Mini-books are really easy to put together quickly. I don't have a large circle punch, so I just traced a large bowl for the front and back covers and a smaller bowl for the inside pages and used nearly every bit of leftover paper and ribbon scraps.

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Anita Cory said...

Shelle, I absolutely love your inspiration for all of us. And I totally agree...boy pages don't have to be drab, boring, or use dull colors.

Great job with the mini-book too...what fun...maybe I'll make one for John of the kids for Father's Day...I better get to it!

AngMomof3 said...

Wow! Love the pages (and am most fond of the adorable children in them...) Second best-- love your ribbon and buttons in pink AND blue! Inspires me to try it out. Soon.

The common thread I've seen on scrapbookers' galleries is that their layouts feature only one photo. Since I'd have 900 albums if I only put one photo per page, I REALLY appreciate your super cute MULTI-photo layouts. Great work!

Karen said...

Shelle I also love the mini book. Great use of all your scraps! I agree about the boy vs girl pages, having only boy myself I use whatever I want on my pages!

London Tierney said...

This is such a fun size! I love the colors and embellishments