August 12, 2012

Getting organized...

I don't know about you, but I can always use ideas to help me get organized!  (I think it is because of this that I LOVE to wander around office supply stores and the Container Store...I can do it for hours!) :0)

A few years ago, in a class that I taught at Paper Pals, we covered clip boards with printed scrapbook paper, added embellishments, and made some fun  new things to help us get organized.  I still love these clip boards, and I made one just this week for my granddaughter Keelyn.  Clip boards have a million uses and I'm sure Keelyn find some way to use hers.  They can hang on a nail, lean up on the counter, tuck away in a drawer...whatever works for you!

I use this clip board for my "to do" list.

I use this clip board for my grocery list.  It is 6" X 9", and the other two clip boards are 9" X 12".

I can think of a million uses for these covered clip boards, and Paper Pals has the perfect patterned paper and embellishments to coordinate with what you need!!
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Laurie H. said...

So cute! Great ideas!

AngMomof3 said...

I have some serious need for these fabulous clipboards! Your beautiful creativity has inspired me with new ideas... grocery list with coupons, homework charts, mobile calendar... off I go!