July 6, 2012


Where do I begin?  I love Smash books so much!!!! My life has been such a whirlwind this last year!  These smash-books have been amazing.  I just made two pockets the first month and shoved all kinds of stuff in them.  I put my calendar and things-to-do list, my grocery list, notes from my kids, tags from things I loved, tickets, receipts and a score card from when my mom and I played yahtzee. I didn't do much art, I didn't have time for journaling...nevertheless, it was a giant slice of life.  I just stuffed stuff in. Sometimes I taped in pictures and glue sticked my lists to the other side and layered the pictures to fit them in.  For variety, I made a theme and cut out patterned paper to match and stuck lists and pictures on the opposite sides of them, For February I just made 2 big pockets and stuffed our families home made valentines in there.  This last page my daughter did a drawing and I continued to stuff things in on the other side, I want to get wallet size photos and put them in on the page with the drawing.  May was so busy I didn't even think about this book.  But I saves all kinds of nifty stuff in a zip lock bag and I will stuff it in this month.  I can't wait.  I also got a large sized Smash Book for the summer.  I get all tingly thinking about the possibilities!
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AngMomof3 said...

You smashed this one out of the ballpark! I love your idea. I have an empty book looking at me ready to be smashed. I want to specifically scraplift your use of monthly themed paper. So great to tie in the holidays that way! :)