July 8, 2012

Photos and square punches...

I learned a tip from Stacy Julian a few years ago and have used it over and over.  Here is her explanation:

"As I revisit old pictures that I have placed in "cold storage" (photos that she hasn't scrapbooked), I decided to pull out my 2" square punch and start punching out the faces of my children and others.  Within a few minutes, I knew I was on to something--I knew I would enjoy having a collection of thumbnail-type images always at my fingertips.  This newest addition to my Library of Memories lineup is a fun way to get mileage out of unused photos, and it's a great place to fish for cropped pictures of the people I love."

I use a little plastic box with 6 plastic storage containers to store the photos.  It works out great since I have 6 grandchildren!!

I have found lots of uses for these little square pictures, and one of my favorite uses is making birthday cards!

And, this one

I also love to use these little 2X2 photos in scrapbook layouts:

Footnote:  My 2" square punch is one of my favorite "go to" tools when I scrapbook or make cards, I couldn't get along without it!!
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AngMomof3 said...

Stacy Julian has brilliant ideas, and you execute her ideas beautifully! I love the classy yet simple style of these items you've created. Fabulous!

Amber said...

Thank you for sharing this Judy! I am now inspired to go through my photo "cold storage" stash and do just this! I absolutely LOVE the birthday card idea too!