September 1, 2011

What’s Up Wednesday has turned into Trying to Think of Something Thursday…

…and then it came to me when talking to a friend. You see, I am really a trash to treasure, or recycle/reuse, “I can make something else with this” sort of gal. I also have a high need to store all of my crafting supplies and goodies in a space efficient manner.

I’ve collected a few very useful pieces of the modular paper crafting storage pieces by Making Memories. The only thing I didn’t love about them is that they are white. My entire house has knotty pine, hardwood floors, black or brown accents, and white just really isn’t much a part of the color scheme.

Then it hit me. A can of spray paint could change everything! I used two coats of a high gloss chocolate brown and now these pieces add wonderfully to the décor of our family room (and my scrapbooking nook within it).

This isn’t exactly paper-crafting expertise, but when you have great storage and organizational pieces that create a alluring space in which you can create, you can get back to work on your favorite projects with ease!
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Amber said...

Great solution to your problem Anita! ITA that having a space you enjoy to scrap in makes you do it far more often!

Leah said...

They look so good.

AngMomof3 said...

I've seen these in person and they look great! You have such a knack for making things look great together. You're incredible!