August 4, 2010

Printer Tray Class & A Challenge for You

What a fun class this was!!!  Oh my goodness, Karen & Shawna's knowledge in class facilitation and their willingness to 'open' our minds to go past their 'samples' are incredible.  After taking this class I was hooked on signing up for more classes.  Now ... if I could get more hooked on their classes I'd be in 'paper' heaven.  Before I share my finished product, let me tell you about the treasure box.  I forgot to take a picture of mine, but let me tell you this -- it truly was full of treasures and I plan to keep filling it up so when I need to get a creative 'nudge' I will reach into my treasure box and that 'treasure' will fill just 'hole' that might be missing in a layout, project or some other scheme I've going. 

I'd like to hear your experiences and see your end results of classes.  I was kinda sad to hear the Ranch Mini-Album class was cancelled due to lack of participation.  Being a ranch kind of gal, I was so looking forward to this.  So ... my challenge to each of you, make a goal to sign up for X amount of classes per year.  Get your girlfriends together and make it a party.  The printer drawer class was my birthday party to me and I was able to catch up with a dear friend while being creative, getting feedback from her on what looked right or what didn't and we even traded treasures. 

So what class are you signed up for next? 

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Leah said...

Your tray turned out so well. I agree with you about the classes. I have only taken a Cricut class but I really enjoyed it. Shawna is so organized and she is really a great teacher.

Anita Cory said...

Your tray project is really cool! I have an old printer's tray that I found at an antique I am inspired!