December 3, 2009

Photo Sleeves from We R Memory Keepers

The simple part of these photo sleeves is that it's so easy to crop and place your main elements (photos and background paper).

But don't let that stifle your creativity! After I filled the slots in the page, I added lots of embellishments on the OUTSIDE of the pockets to connect them all together.

I also found it easy to go hybrid with these. I don't have a 12x12 format printer, so all of my hybrid work has to be narrower than 8.5". So 4x6 (or in my case 4x12) pieces of paper are easy to create on the computer and print to add to the pockets.

I got to feature photos of my son as "speed racer" with his favorite little tricycle. It's been retired now, but it's sure fun to look back at the time he spent driving that little "motorcycle" around!

So I love these sleeves since they follow the great grid rule of good design, but when you "think outside of the box" you're not limited to staying in them!
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1 comment:

Leah said...

I like the arrows. The picture of your son in the diaper, gloves and boots is so cute. Abi has a bike similar and she loves putting stuff under the seat too. What did you do for the top sleeve were you have "go speed racer". Since this section is slightly bigger than 12 inches I had to add a bit of a border so my paper stayed in.