June 10, 2013

Doodlebug Design - Flower Box Collection

The Doodlebug Design - Flower Box Collection has been in at Paper Pals but you haven't seen it here on the Design Team blog, until now!  As a long time fan of Doodlebug Designs, I must confess.  At first glance this paper seemed so pretty and cute that I instantly thought of using photos of my daughter and her friends.  Then, I decided to challenge the status quo and moved in two very different directions and used some new, as well as my tried and true, techniques to pull these together in no time. 

If you are a "Project Life" style of scrapbooker, you should head in a check out this line.  Between the coordinating accessories and journaling cards, you can pull together a layout in literally minutes.  While I've used this type of page before, and love them, I decided to treat the page protector as another element upon which I could layer elements.  Many of the card stock stickers are actually adhered to the page protector, not the paper beneath it.  Click on the photo below and you'll see what I mean.  This allowed me opportunities to have all the elements feel truly integrated (rather than a 2 or maybe 3 dimensional paper slid into a protector). 

 As usual, Glossy Accents and glitter (which Melina so expertly informed us about in her post recently!), finished off the elements!
While layouts come easy to me, cards always give me pause.  I sit and stare at the embellishments sheet and my scattered thoughts soon take over.  

What about this?  No, that would be silly. 
What about that?  That is just awkward. 

Do you go through a process like this?  Please tell me you do. 

Then...the breakthrough comes and you get these!  Just make a commitment and go for it!

On the inside of the "today" card, I used a calendar sticker and the words "is your day". I think this card could be used for birthdays, showers, or even a wedding perhaps!

Last but not least, I took an adventurous spin on this very springy, pastel line and 
added bold, red Bazzill to accentuate the photos and my sister with my son! I like red and pale turquoise as a color combination, so I really love how this turned out!  I was inspired 
by a layout in a magazine showing patterned papers circle-punched and placed in layers in a similar manner as my layout below.  This was a fun way to use up some small pieces of paper I had left after the first layout and the cards as well as add dimension (note the 
circles are folded in half and adhered to the page with a twisted piece of binding tape over the crease). 

I don't fancy myself as a "cutsey" scrapbooker.  My pages have always been clean, simple, layered designs.  Even though this paper could be considered cute, as I've said in earlier posts, look beyond the obvious in your paper.  For more inspiration about using Doodlebug Designs, visit their website at http://www.doodlebug.ws/Default.aspx 

What else can this paper communicate in your layouts/cards/art journals?  What product line, technique, or project would be a new and interesting challenge for you?  I encourage you to explore the possibilities!


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Shelle and Dan said...

Love it! Anita's designs are always simple and lovely and I really feel I could easily re-create them on my own. This paper line is great and very versatile.

Kimberly Nelson said...

I always enjoy your designs Anita your a talented woman.

Carrie said...

I love what you did here! I've never thought to put embellishments on the page protector. It really does add something nice! I'll definitely be using that folded punched circles with twisted binding tape on something soon. So creative!