December 2, 2011

Zutter Bind-it-All — The tool I just couldn't live without!

I just purchased a new tool that I'm very excited about—the Zutter Bind-it-All.  I know it's been around awhile, but until recently I wasn't familiar with how it worked and how much I needed it! I will be using it on mini albums and anything else I can imagine using it for, but here's the project that prompted me to get it.

I wanted to make photo calendars of some of my pictures for my co-workers this year for Christmas gifts. I have eight co-workers in my department. I priced out how much calendars cost to have printed and bound.  They are NOT cheap! The least expensive I found for a desk calendar was $11.00 plus shipping. Multiply that by eight and it's not very economical, especially these days. So I started looking for other options which brought me to the Bind-it-All.

Not including the price of the tool itself, printing and binding my 5 1/5 x 8 1/5 calendars only costs me about $2.20.  That's right folks!  For nearly the same price as having eight calendars made by some online company I was able to purchase an AMAZING tool that I can (and will) use over and over, plus make my calendars and say I did it all myself.

As far as I know, Paper Pals is the only local store that carries these and you can find so many samples in the store of how they use it. There's some SERIOUSLY cute stuff!  There's lots of ideas online too. Here are some of the ideas I've either found or come up with.
  • Mini albums
  • Smash books
  • Notebooks and journals
  • Calendars for co-workers, friends, teachers, etc.
  • Bind your kids' artwork and/or school work
  • Bind greeting cards from special events so you never lose them (Christmas, birthday, baby shower, wedding, etc.)
  • Rebind books that are falling apart
  • Coloring books
  • Travel activity packet - laminate games such as dot-to-dot, tic tac toe, car bingo, etc. and bind them all together and attach a dry erase marker.
  • Just use it as a border punch and run string or ribbon through the holes.
  • Limitless possibilities!
I haven't even touched on all the accessories and products that make creating albums so simple and easy. Go into Paper Pals and check out this amazing tool today! I bet if you ask nicely, they will even show you how it works in person! ;o)
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AngMomof3 said...

Oooh ooh ooh! I really love your project! Digi-ish! Pretty photos too. I always wonder what I'd use the bind it all for, but you've given me a bunch of great ideas!

Leah said...

This would be a cool tool to have. Great post.