June 22, 2011

Whats up Wednesday!

This is just a simple 8X8 of an old photo of my parents with 3 of what would eventually be 8 children. I used the October Afternoon five and dime series for it and it was really fun, I could have really gone hog wild but I wanted to keep this picture precious. I had this great fathers day Idea years ago because my father could not keep track of all his cards from us. I bought him an 8x8 album and started scrapbooking him 8x8 lay-outs with pictures of our family for special occasions. Now I just send it to him, sometimes with a note on back and he slips it into the photo Album. He just loves this! It is so practical and meaningful at the same time. It is easy to throw together an 8x8 and it means so much if the receiver can look them over in an album instead of digging them out of a box. Something to think about. love, Deb
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AngMomof3 said...

Deb... I LOVE this idea! Totally stealing it! Think my dad would mind if his new gift plan is a couple weeks late? :)

Judy said...

Great album, and terrific idea!!!

Amber said...

I do this for my mom too! She used to live on a sailboat in Hawaii and I struggled to find gifts for her so started an 8x8 album. Now for holidays and birthdays I make her several pages for her album instead of trying to find some meaningless nick-nack for her. She prefers the album pages over anything else.
Love this layout, btw!