April 14, 2009

DT Challenge: Pick a Color & Stick With It!


It has made a comeback. And it's popular again.

But not so long ago (in the 80s and 90s) it was SOOOO uncool. I'd not have been caught dead wearing/using/admiring it. It was only good for representing dirt.

Well, in this case, that's okay too:
Cause I featured DIRT. Well, my kids playing in dirt. There's a lot of it around these days.

And yes, I went digital. I haven't played in PSE (Photoshop Elements) for awhile, so I took Anita's challenge into the digiworld. It was fun to do.

I used a variety of digital elements from various sites (mainly freebies available in the past) by designers like Jesse Edwards at Designer Digitals, and Angie Briggs and Erica Hite at ScrapGirls.com.

I loved doing a monochrome layout with many shades of brown because it really made the photos POP since they are the only things that aren't all brown.

Now, back to the paper scrapping world...
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Anita Cory said...

Lovely...brown, as you know, is one of my favorite colors...it is the new black, you know.

Anyhoo...This is a great layout... and I agree...the monocromatic scheme really allows the photos to pop and become the focus!

Heather said...

I've been playing in PSE for the past 2 hours and my shoulders are killing me! This laptop thing is overrated... :-)

I agree, brown is divine! I'm glad to see you using the digital stuff.

London Tierney said...

awesome digi layout! I think it looks really cohesive even being one color!

Amber said...

Very cute digital layout! I love the different papers and textures. I love brown and with two boys brown is used a lot in my scrapbooks!

Shawna said...

Very nice use of the color brown and way to rock the digital!!!

Deb said...

I adore your lay-out and so my first gut wrenching reaction is to complain because it has a lot of gorgeous stuff on it that I do not have access to. It is beautifully done. I cannot comprehend doing computer lay-outs but this a mini masterpiece. I am jealous that you can do any medium. You photography is first class. I totally enjoy your work.

lindsaysain said...

what a great focus...dirt! i could definitely use that idea with my little dirtball boys! ;-) i'm always a little in awe of digital, too, since i have NO CLUE how to do it!