August 5, 2008

You're gunna love it, girl!!

seeing malinda's super cute new picture made me realize i still needed to sign off and say farewell and THANK YOU!! we're all moved and slowing getting settled in our new place in prairie city (i know, kind of an oxymoron!), oregon. the good news? it's beautifully located at the base of the strawberry mountains, everyone is super friendly, the stars at night are INCREDIBLE, my husband's finally got a real job (a.k.a. no longer in SCHOOL!), and i get to be at home with my boys. the bad news? there is no scrapbook store (karen, want to set up a paper pals satellite store?!?!), any kind of semi-emergency medical situation requires a life flight out of here, we miss our friends, parks for the little ones are ANTIQUES (as in splinterville u.s.a.), and did i mention there are no scrapbook supplies anywhere in sight?!?! anyway, i digress...i will really miss being on the design team -- that was such an AWESOME opportunity, karen and shawna!!! i will always be so proud, excited, and thankful to have been a part of that. malinda, you are going to have such a blast...i wish i had the chance to meet you in person!

i'll definitely be checking the blog regularly, and i can't wait to see everyone's goodies! if i decide to take the plunge and set up a blog, i'll let you all know...i'm throwing around the idea of a "little house on the prairie" theme for it! ha, ha!! signing off for now...

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Karen said...

Lindsay! We miss you so much! You are an amazing scrapbooker and we were so lucky to have your for even that short of a time on our Team! Miss you! Karen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice welcome! I will miss seeing your stuff at the store.

Anita Cory said...

Ditto from me. helped me get "my groove on" with paint. I'm using it much more now...and love it!

Good Luck to you in PC (wait, that could be a fun blog title too. PC in Prairie City).
Take care!