August 26, 2008

Photo Challenge

I've really been trying to be better at taking pictures of random, everyday things - not just big planned events and Jen's photo challenge inspired me to really get out and photograph things I wouldn't normally. Thanks for the fun challenge!

These petunias are in a hanging basket right outside our door. They have been faithfully blooming all summer long and I enjoy seeing them everyday, however, it wasn't until I viewed them from a photograph that I realize how lovely they really are. The deep purple of the flowers gets shown off against the green of the leaves and stems.

These were the first peppers of summer for us. I was so excited that something I planted actually grew, and not only grew, but produced lovely little edible Serrano peppers. Just looking at this pictures makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.
Thanks again Jen for the great challenge. I'm going to continue to snap pics of random, everyday things.
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Karen said...

Thanks Shelle for sharing! I am getting into taking non-people pictures - it is a lot of fun!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing Shelle! It is so much fun to try out of the usual photos.