May 12, 2008

Canvas Challenge Part II

This is my mom's Mother's Day gift. I took a 9x13 canvas, painted my kids hand prints with making memories paint, added a scallop circle, some buttons, glitter paint, and a poem about being a mom and here is the final project! She loved it and it took no time at all; under 30 minutes without drying time.
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Karen said...

Your Mom is going to LOVE this! Very fun!!

Wendy said...

Cute I love the color scheme...and who can resist those little hands. I hope you took photos of them "in the act" of helping you with the project. That would make for a cute layout :)

Shelle and Dan said...

I am loving all this fun canvas art everyone's creating. The handprints are a perfect gift for grandma.

lindsaysain said...

what a sweet idea...the handprints are darling...what does the poem say? wonderful keepsake!