May 19, 2008

Canvas Art for another sister:)

When I took the canvas art challenge a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed it. My sister Gena received her canvas art for her birthday, only a couple of days late. My other sister, Tricia, posted to the PPDT blog her request for one next year (clever woman). Well, she is too kind. At the time of her post I was weeks late getting a present to her for her birthday! So...she gave me some suggestions for her quote and the colors, and Ta is Canvas Art #2. Again, thanks to Donna Downey for the inspiration, and the wonderful Doodlebug letters for the "masks" during the painting process. These are fun and easy...and both sisters liked them!!
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Shawna said...

I am so glad you posted this canvas! It was great getting to see it in person, but I wanted to be able to go back to it for inspiration.


Shelle and Dan said...

I love what you did to both canvases. Your masking technique worked out great and you made the whole thing just look amazing.