June 16, 2012

What's the "WOW!" about Washi?

I admit-- when I first heard of Washi Tape, I felt a little wishy-washy about its purpose. (Aren't I "punny"?)

But thanks to Pintrest and the world wide web... ideas were abundant and made me excited to try out the product.

First, I started looking around the house to find things I could "Washi-ize". The options were endless! Here is where I've started:

 A basic painted clothespin,
 Hairclips that never get worn due to their odd brown/purple color,
And a headband that is a bit "young" for my girls now.

Add some Washi, and voila! Within a few seconds you have upcycled new items!

(Thanks to my hair model, my sweet daughter Allison. Is anyone else as jealous as I am about her gorgeous hair???)

When I put the tape on the clothespin, I found some other items to dress up. Here's how the clothespin, candle, picture frame and clipboard turned out. What do you think?
 Lastly, as I prepped for guests to come to my house, I found a good way to label their drinking glasses in the bathroom-- they just have to remember (or even write on) the washi tape glass that is theirs!
What would you do with Washi?

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Karen said...

Such fun ideas!

Judy said...

WOW....great post!!! I think I need to get some Washi!!