August 3, 2011

What's Up Wednesday....

Some of my favorite things to pull out of my scrapbooking/card making "bag of tricks" are different fonts.  I LOVE FONTS!!  And, I think you can really enhance a card or scrapbook layout by choosing just the right font. 

I have purchased fonts from "Two Peas In A Bucket" and from "Scrap-n-fonts".  But, you don't have to spend a cent to get FANTASTIC fonts....there are SO many great sites on the Internet that offer hundreds and hundreds of FREE fonts!

I want to share with you some sites that I go to frequently to download some terrific fonts...and, all for free!!

1001 Free Fonts,,

urban fonts,

Font Garden,

Free scrapbooking fonts,

Scrap Village,

To INSTALL a font:

1.  Open Fonts by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Fonts.

2.  Click File, and then click Install New Font.  If you don’t see the File menu, press ALT.

3.  In the Add Fonts dialog box, under Drives, click the drive where the font that you want to install is located.

4.  Under Folders, double-click the folder containing the fonts that you want to add.

5.  Under List of fonts, click the font that you want to add, and then click Install.

(**If the font is in a zip file, you will have to "unzip" it: Right click on the folder and choose extract feature / option. Then you are ready to begin the download procedure.).

It's just that easy!!  I hope you will go out there and find and download some new fonts that you would like to try!  But, let me warn is addicting!! :0)
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AngMomof3 said...

Nice, Judy! What a great "go to" post where we can get font sites and instructions! Thanks for your time to help us out.