May 10, 2011

What's up, Wednesday?

I love to scrapbook, but for me, the part of scrapbooking that I struggle with most is journaling.  "Simple Scrapbooks" (a magazine that is no longer in print---and I miss it!) published an idea book titled "Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions. 25 easy quizzes to jumpstart your journaling today, scrapbook YOU painlessly, tips and tricks for getting the story."  This idea book came out a few years ago and I still pull it out on a regular basis to get ideas. 

It's fun to "interview" our grandchildren about once a year and record their answers on a scrapbook layout.  I am working on a layout using these questions:

Who is the smartest person in your family?

What is your Daddy really good at?

How are you different than your Mommy?

What can you do better than your Daddy?

What is one thing Mommy always says to you?

What do you and your Daddy do together that you will always remember?

How do you know that Mommy and Daddy love you?


You can also record the answers to the following questions every year and see how they change as the child gets older:

Favorite subject in school, best friends, favorite lunch, something new I've learned, favorite movie, the best thing about me, the most fun I've had lately, favorite song, favorite clothes to wear, last compliment I received, favorite toy, favorite TV show, favorite thing to eat.


Using the quizzes is also the perfect way to scrapbook about yourself.  There is no greater gift for your friends and family than a glimpse of the "real" you, a "slice of your life" right now!  These questions can be answered yearly for a personal year-end inventory:

The last person I sent a card to

What I ate for lunch today

Something I just learned

My favorite song this year

The last book I read

What I'm wearing right now

The last phone call I made

Inside, I don't feel very different from when I was

The last restaurant I ate at was

My favorite TV show

The last movie I saw


You can capture someone by just doing journaling blocks of their "favorites." 

One last idea is a "fill in the blanks" approach to journaling.  These idea also comes from the book:

*If I hadn't become a _____, I might have been a _____.

*If I hadn't gone to _____, I might have never met _____.

*If I hadn't learned to ____, I would never have gotten to _____.

*My _____ is my most prized possession.

*My ability to _____ is one of my greatest skills.

*If asked, my family will say my greatest accomplishment is _____.

*I'm sorry I will never see _____ again.

*Going to _____ taught me that _____.

*My life would be easier if I got my _____ fixed.

*I would be happy if I never saw another _____ again.

I could go on and on, but I think this gives you an idea of the fun you can have will this approach to journaling!!
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AngMomof3 said...

Judy, these ideas are great! I too miss SS. :(

I do not scrap w/ these important elements of the story of my kids enough. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to try and capture their words as well as their photos for my pages!

Leah said...

I love all these ideas. I need to start doing this. It would be so cute to look back on the answers. Thank you for the inspiration.

Karen said...

Thanks Judy for this great post and for reminding me to scrapbook the little everyday things that happen in our lives - not just those big events and trips!