February 1, 2011

Meet DT Member Deb!

And last but certainly not least is Deb! 
Deb Felsted has been on the Paper Pals Design Team in the past, and we are so excited to have her join us again! She has an unmatchable, unique style to her work. Truly incredible!

Deb has lived in Pullman for 16+ years and has been married to her husband Devon for the same. Deb and Devon have 6 children: 3 boys and 3 girls. Ages: 21, 16, 14, 12, 10 and 7. "They are all fabulous! I am a stay-at-home mom and I have been scrap booking for about 8 years, the first 4 being very minimal and the last 4 have been more prolific. I love art, writing, photography, family history and my family- so scrap booking is pretty much a slam dunk for me. Time is the only issue, right ladies?"

Deb's favorite reason to scrap all comes down to creation and inspiration. "I love art and creating. This is an important exercise for me. Creating gives me energy and helps me to tap into my soul. Art provides a way for me to express that. It forces me to take time out and think about what and who I love in my life. I remember little things, slices of life and funny occasions, I take time to write them out, to really think about the meaningfulness of how I live my life and who is in it, and this brings me joy. It is also deeply meaningful to my family members. No moment ever spent carefully evaluating what I love about the people in my life and trying to re- create that in art has ever been wasted!"

She varies on what her favorite paper line is, "but you will usually find me choosing more versatile patterns for myself and less thematic ones.I have a "thing" for nifty embellishments. Right now I really love "My Minds Eye". They are terrific! They keep coming out with lines I love. I like funky designs and often lean towards eclectic stuff. But I also like variety. I really love Alli Edwards, too."

When asked what her favorite thing about Paper Pals is, she responded: "I am so glad we have Paper Pals in Pullman. My favorite thing about it is Shawna and Karen. They are creative geniuses in so many different ways. I love that the store offers such a variety of ways to create and that they hand pick their lines so well. They are not afraid to do something new and clever and they really listen to their customers."

Thanks for sharing with us Deb. Keep designing great stuff!

And thanks, blog readers and customers, for following us on our Design Team introductions! Keep coming back here to see more work by all our lovely ladies. We look forward to creating to inspire YOU!
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Karen said...

We are so lucky to have your creative mind on our design team! You inspire me every day!

Julie A. said...

Deb, You continue to be such an inspiration to me! And you're certainly one of the most talented people I've met! I love your creations!

Leah said...

Welcome back Deb. I can't wait to scraplift some of your pages. Ha Ha Ha