May 4, 2010

My Mind's Eye is Sooooooooo....Fabulous!

I created the layouts and cards below a couple of weeks ago when visiting my friend Heather and her darling daughter, Eva in California. Heather was on PPDT before she moved to CA, so having her creative juices involved in this project and wonderfully cute photos of Eva (a.k.a. Baby Birdy) was such a treat!

So, My Mind's Eye. Such a fabulous company. You've seen the layouts by the other PPDT gals and probably loved the paper as much as we do! Shawna gave me the So Sophie line (salmon and greens) and photos of Eva at the beach and playing with her friend Ella were so perfect for this line.

You must stop in to the store to get the full idea of my "unique technique" on the Baby Birdy layout, but basically, I used all sorts of bits and scraps from the sticker sheet to create the "lines" on the page.

On the "E" (for Ella and Eva) layout, I worked similarly. I just started layering and gluing until it just felt right. Do you ever allow yourself to create a layout this way? You know, with little to no planning? It is so fun and freeing. Really it is.

I was delighted to use My Mind's Eye Lush (brown flocked paper)as a backdrop for the naked baby/fairy photo. I know some of you are afraid of patterns, but don't be! When you have a great photo (or 2-3) the photos take center stage and the paper is like a beautiful curtain for your 'performance'. Get crazy, add elements from another line, colors you might not think of, etc. Oh, and don't forget to add Stickles when ever and where ever you can (I added Stickles to the fairy wings on the photo).

Last, but not least, don't forget to create and send cards to your family and friends, just because. I fear we are losing the art of the handwritten note.

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AngMomof3 said...

Saw these in person... I love how you used Stickles on the photo w/ the fairy wings! Great idea.

Karen said...

Really amazing layouts again! This new line is one of my favorites!

Judy said...

I LOVE these layouts, Anita!!! SO creative and just beautiful. Your little "subject" is pretty darn cute, too!! Great job!!!

Leah said...

Beautiful. The pictures and the paper are so lovely. The fairy picture is adorable. I love the colors on the bottom layout. This paper is pretty pretty.