March 18, 2010

Fancy That!

Here are a couple of gift boxes and cards I made using the Decorative Packing Tape from Fancy That! It's just like a roll of regular packing tape, only WAY more beautiful; the tape itself is colored and the designs you see in white are clear. I think it would be cool to decorate boxes you're going to ship. How fun would it be to send someone special a fancy box in the mail?
You might even brighten the day of the clerk in the mail room.
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AngMomof3 said...

Nice photo of your items with the product at the store! Love the colors of these tapes, and love your "fancy" ideas for using it!

Leah said...

Your boxes are so pretty. I have been wanting to try this tape. Thanks for the ideas.

Anita Cory said...

I am inspired! Thanks for moving us all into great ways to use this cool tape!