July 3, 2009

New Karen Foster

I haven't been taking lots of photos lately, so it's been difficult to scrap with the same old photos. This time around, I used the Karen Foster Mother's day paper and some basic Bazzill cardstock. For the card I also added some ribbon and layered my own buttons over it. I loved the coral color of the paper with the warm golden yellow.

Next, I created a layout background with aqua bazzill cardstock, and strips of book paper. i have old books laying about specifically to tear pages out of, that way I don't ruin anything I want to read or hang onto. I glued several random strips down then layered white gesso on top. I repeated this until I felt I had enough paper layered on there. Then I free-hand cut several hearts out of the karen fosters paper. I was inspired by the photo with the hearts in the mason jar and wanted my own pieces to be imperfect and randomly cut. The photos I used were from DeviantArt, not my own!

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AngMomof3 said...

Clever. I like your layouts/projects that don't feature photos of people. Good for gift giving!

Karen said...

Very cool idea, Love the torn book pages!

Deb said...

As usual, I love the freedom in your lay-outs. It may sound dumb, but every time I see your creative stuff I receive a most wonderful gift: Permission. To color outside the lines. To use random materials. To think outside the box. Not only that, I enjoy the beauty. Thanks again for that. I need it!
love, Deb.