March 23, 2009

News from Memory Mixer

Hey there... are you still considering purchasing Memory Mixer? Well, here's a few more exciting things about the product that may help you with your decision.

1. They've upgraded! There is now a Version 3 of Memory Mixer with several fun new features.

2. Still not sure if you'd like it? Well, according to their website, they'll soon be offering a 30 day free trial!

3. Wondering about the product lines they sell? They recently teamed up with My Minds Eye, so now you can get several of their paper lines (just like the ones sold at Paper Pals) in a digital format. Pretty cool! Here's a couple examples of the QuickMix pages they create for you:

You can also purchase the lines just like you would at the store as 12x12 pages and embellishments. They currently have the lines Bella, Bliss and Boulevard.

You should check it out!
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