December 10, 2008

DT Challenge: What Christmas Card Are YOU Sending?

Hey Design Team Members... I know it's busy right now, but I hope you've at least been working on your Christmas cards!

I've seen the BEAUTIFUL cards that are in the contest at Paper Pals (and on display for you to vote on just behind the counter), and it makes me wonder what cards YOU are sending out!

So my challenge to you is to post a pic of what you're sending this year. Did you go all out and make the best cards ever? Is yours in the contest? (If it is, don't post it until the contest is done!) Did you run out of time and/or creativity and are simply sending a photo card? That's fine too!

Mine is a combo of both. You've seen it in a previous post, but I'm providing a new photo of the fully completed project that was printed by Kinkos-- they did a lovely job! Included in my card is a link to my family's blog where people can check out some "year in review" posts throughout the holiday season.

This is your chance to post something that you're already working on. Let's see it!
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1 comment:

Judy said...

I'm a little slow to respond, Angela, but I wanted to tell you that I really love your card. I'm sure your friends and family loved receiving them---especially like the multiple photo layout!!