July 1, 2008

October Afternoon - in the summer? Yes!

The new October Afternoon paper is in both stores and it is amazing. You saw what Judy did with the line in the Moscow store, now I had the chance to play with the line in the Pullman store. I love it! The shades of blue and orange; the deer, bunnies, dots and flowers...wow! I love it all. I'm sure you will too!!

When you use patterned papers you have to think outside the box. This flower print is fun and spunky...just like the cute kids in the photos...I'm sure you have excellent subjects for such paper too!
I love using quotes on my pages. I don't do it often enough...but Yoda just spoke to me here. I also used some fun chipboard arrows to draw the eye to the semi-blurry "action-shot" of Harrison without his training wheels. My favorite way to treat chipboard is to paint it and after the paint dries apply a thick layer of Diamond Glaze (and in this case some Stickles for some extra pizzazz)!
Really, do you have a photo of a deer...probably not (and don't head to your D.H.'s "office" for a photo of one of his trophies...
this paper is much to whimsical for that type of deer.
Again, outside the box...get creative!
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Shelle and Dan said...

I love how creative you get with fun patterned paper. Also, thanks for the great tips for chipboard.

Karen said...

Your outlook on scrapbooking is so great. I have a hard time with pattern paper and your tips were realy helpfull! Thanks!